Ken started the Animal Manipulation Service, now Chirovet Limited, in 2000 to provide chiropractic treatment to animals in the East Anglian area. Lucía joined the practice in February 2018. This now provides clients with two qualified veterinary surgeons who look at back problems with both a medical and an alternative view. 

Dr Ken Skinner MRCVS

I qualified as a veterinary surgeon from Edinburgh university in 1992. Working in general practice I soon found that traditional veterinary medicine had little to offer owners who had horses with back pain. After seeing clients searching out the services of "back people", I started undertaking my own training with a well respected Osteopath, Anthony Pusey, in 1996.

Carrying on this education, I travelled to the USA and qualified through the Options for Animals course in 2000. This was the first course of it's kind to train veterinary surgeons and chiropractors to be accredited by the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association. I was the 1st Vet in the UK to qualify through them. 

This started me out on the path to setting up my own Veterinary Manipulation Practice in August 2000 which grew to a full time occupation and is now called CHIROVET LIMITED. In 2009, Jess Edwards joined my team and she now runs her own very successful McTimoney animal practice. We jointly set up our clinic working at the Equine Care Centre in 2014.

I continued learning on advanced technique courses certified by the International Veterinary Chiropractic Association at the International Academy of Veterinary Chiropractic in Sittesen, Germany, and continue adding knowledge on yearly advanced education courses to keep up both my veterinary and my IVCA qualifications. 

I added western scientific approached acupuncture to my tool kit in 2010 with the Association of British Veterinary Acupuncturists course and I completed a course on Dry Needling for Myofascial pain relief in October 2015.

​I continued to work one day a week as a "real" vet in a small animal practice in Norfolk dealing with all routine daily conditions up until July 2016, at which point I decided to concentrate fully on my own veterinary chiropractic practice.

Relevent Qualifications


AVCA certified

IVCA certified

BVCA certified

ABVA certified


Dr Lucía Martínez MRCVS


I am a young veterinarian from Spain. Since I was at vet school, I tried to get involved as much as possible at the University Hospital and also at any clinic that let me in, just to be able to watch and listen. Since my second year

I was helping in a small animal clinic nearby my home, and from 3rd year on I started helping at the University's hospital in a regular kind of basis, at both the equine and small animal clinics.

I have always tried to combine small animal clinic with equine clinic, but sports medicine and orthopaedics has always been my passion. I did an externship at Littleton Equine Medical Centre as part of my training in Veterinary school, where I got in touch with chiropractic and acupuncture as a new tool to add to my medical skills.

When I finished university I started an internship at UAX Veterinary Hospital in equine medicine and surgery as a way to grow as a veterinarian.

Later, I had the privilege to work with Dr. Jose Manuel Romero - DVM, DACVSMR, Cert. ISELP, specialist in equine sport medicine, building my skills on lameness examination and diagnostics such as ultrasound and

x-ray diagnosis.


I have also continued to work in small animal practice and got involved with rehabilitation and orthopaedics.


Having completed the Options For Animals Chiropractic course, now I am looking forward to working with Ken to continue providing chiropractic care as a practice. 

Relevent Qualifications


Options for animals chiropractic course 2017